Thursday, March 8, 2012

Gypsy on the River

The latest of gypsy journeys found me near Trinity Texas, with the band, on the Trinity River at a place called El Roys. It was a political rally that we were asked to play music at. Now me being , "not very political", I was at first reluctant to accept the offer....but then decided,"what the hell, we'll get to play for a whole new audiance", so we accepted. This place was very cool....set right in a cove on the only regret is that I didnt have my fishing rod with me. The people were very nice and were anticipating hearing us play.....after our first set.....we were a hit with these folks.
The only bad thing about doing fund raisers like that most of the time the band dont play untill after the auctions are done. And most of the time..., that means a lot of the crowd drifts away. So when we played, it was for the die hards that hung around. Let me tell you, those die hards became new GypsyHead fans. I really enjoyed meeting new people and making new friends and fans on the Trinity River that day/night. Despite the dropping temperture and the wind, and playing was a great experiance, and we were asked to play future rallies for them.....and also a few private party gig prospects. Tho our gigs are sparce..., they are growing..., the more places we are seen and heard..., the better it gets. Gypsy ~On!!