Thursday, March 8, 2012

Gypsy on the River

The latest of gypsy journeys found me near Trinity Texas, with the band, on the Trinity River at a place called El Roys. It was a political rally that we were asked to play music at. Now me being , "not very political", I was at first reluctant to accept the offer....but then decided,"what the hell, we'll get to play for a whole new audiance", so we accepted. This place was very cool....set right in a cove on the only regret is that I didnt have my fishing rod with me. The people were very nice and were anticipating hearing us play.....after our first set.....we were a hit with these folks.
The only bad thing about doing fund raisers like that most of the time the band dont play untill after the auctions are done. And most of the time..., that means a lot of the crowd drifts away. So when we played, it was for the die hards that hung around. Let me tell you, those die hards became new GypsyHead fans. I really enjoyed meeting new people and making new friends and fans on the Trinity River that day/night. Despite the dropping temperture and the wind, and playing was a great experiance, and we were asked to play future rallies for them.....and also a few private party gig prospects. Tho our gigs are sparce..., they are growing..., the more places we are seen and heard..., the better it gets. Gypsy ~On!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gypsy to the Vic

Continuing in my "gypsy head" way.....I got to take a journey down to south Texas for three days.
It all came about because of some old friends down there. They have heard me talk about my band on the internet, and wanted me to bring it on down so they could hear and see us perform. So, finally, I got in touch with a club owner down in Victoria, Texas. He had never heard of our band or heard anything we did, but was willing to give us a chance. I was happy and could not wait to make this four hour journey.
The day finally came to hit the road, we went down a day early and stopped off in Halletsville at a farm house to stay the night and get in a good rehearsal (which we needed badly) before going on into Victoria the next day for the gig. The house we stayed at was not very big..pretty cramped quarters for four guys with their wives, guitars, drums, and sound system. But we made do.
The next day...after waking up WAY too early (I do not do mornings very well at all) Lisa and I decided to drive on to Victoria so we could do some goofing around town before going on to the club to set up.(unlike most bands who generaly have a bus, or van with a trailer,and travel together.., we all went in seperate vehicles)
To my amazment, Victoria had grown quiet a bit in the 20 years since I moved away from first I felt lost.., but the more we drove around, it all became familar again.., just with more traffic and more stuff.

Lisa and I got to the club about 3 hours before show time and started setting up my stuff...then waited on the rest to show up. Mean while we enjoyed a few drinks together and chatted with some of the locals. Finnaly one of my friends from back in the day showed up....and the fun started.....talks of old times...some stories that may have embarrassed a normal person. And to an even bigger surprize..., an old Leon High School class mate of mine showed, Leon High is near Buffalo, Tx, where I live now. He now lives in Livingston, Tx, works in Alaska, he was in San Antonio...., and came to Victoria...just to see the band play. How cool is that?! I was floored! He said, "Ive been keeping up with you and Gypsyhead on facebook, thats how I knew you were here."

Before I knew it the rest of the guys showed up and it was time to go to work.
Well, we finally started our first set as the crowd grew and grew. Several of my old friends had showed up and that was the highlight of the night for me.....looking out and seeing these faces with big smiles, that I have not seen in so long. It was such a great feeling. I played and sang with all I had...I hope I, and the band, made a good impression..(I think we did). 2am rolled around way too soon and the show was done....and the crowd had stayed the entire night (thats a good sign). I really enjoyed getting to see and visit with my old friends (and new ones) between sets. I wish the band breaks could have been longer....but...we do have to play for our pay. Lisa and I ended up staying overnight in Victoria with one of my good friends who offered us her couch...we jumped at that chance. We got a good nights sleep...and slept late, then we hung out for a while and had a great visit before hitting the road once again. I miss my friends down there...miss the town. Through out much of our conversations, the comment of 'moving back' seemed to keep popping up. well, ya never know. But I do know this.......I had the best time that night, even though it ended way to soon.
Not to be rude or say anything negative about the place I live now (my hometown), but of all the gigs Ive played in the last 2 years that were local (or near local) took a journey all the way to Victoria, Tx to finally feel the support that I have longed for. Gypsy~on my friends...Gypsy~on!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Getting lost is a bad habit of mine. I don't mean like taking a trip and making a wrong turn somewhere and ending up in an unknown place kinda lost. I mean lost like....things I should be doing and over looking them kinda lost....because of so many other things going on in my head kinda lost......minor details lost in the shuffle, that really arent minor at all, kinda lost.
One such thing that has been lost in the shuffle is my writing....,my photography...,my drawing. Little things that have always soothed my soul....calmed my storm, so to speak.
I have been so caught up in promoting and booking my band that it has become an obsession. Trying to get original t-shirt designs put together...trying to find someone to print the the cd's we have just completed..., modifying the set lists for each gig so we dont sound redundent each time we play...,obsessing over the bands presentation at the shows...., getting more shows...., OY!!!!!!! ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!! I gotta take a step back and breath..., I feel like Im running in place.

This weekend February 25th.....we have a gig in Victoria Texas....I tryed like hell to make this gig happen for one reason......I once lived there many years ago, and made some great friends there. So, through thier encouragement, and leads to clubs to contact.., I landed us a gig. Its along way to travel to play for a few bucks.....but.....ill be playing for some great old friends who know how to have a good time. I think out of all the shows from the past....this one coming up means the most to me thus far in my Gypsyhead endevors. I want it to be a a great show for them to really enjoy.
Once this show is behind me......I plan to relax more.....yeah....fall into my writing and arts.....there is room for it all....I just have to learn how to shuffle it all make the perfect blend...a little less obsessing....and a little more....destressing.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What if.......

Some people.., or most people for that matter, don't really realize how much music is a part of our lives. Or how it affects our lives. Whether your are at home..., in your car..., at work..., shopping...., it is hightly possible that there is music playing. And the affects it has on us can vary from person to person..., soothing to some may be boring to others..., Stimulating to me may be irritating to you. So many different tastes out there to sample, yet not all is satifying to everyone. But hey.., its music.., it is made to be enjoyed..., just pick what you like and dig in. I am lucky, I have many different tastes so I am easily pleased. I do not know what I would do if music was taken away..., or,heaven forbid, became illegal.
Could you imagine life without music? TV commercials would be jingless...., you'd probubly never remember any product names because the jingle wouldn't be stuck in your head to remind you. Movies and television shows would be theme songs or soundtracks. Working out, such as Zumba, would be pretty uninspiring without music to drive you on. Teaching your children their abc's without the Alphabet Song would not be so easy. Driving around, with no songs to sing or listen to, that would drive me insane! And of course you could forget about going to concerts or dances..., because there would be no bands or DJ's to perform.
Wow! I am so thankful that music is around, and NOT illegal. We are lucky to live in a place where we can still enjoy some simple pleasures.......something that makes the drive home a little more enjoyable......, working out more energizing...,house work (work in general) more tolerable.......and dancing..., well, danceable. So sing loud.., dance hard.....and keep the music playing!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year

I cant belive it has been so long since my last here it is a new year.
But at least I can say tha 2012 started out on a musical note. I spent New Years Eve in Houston playing music with my band GYPSYHEAD at a uber-cool coffee house called BOHEMEO'S. In addition to GYPSYHEAD, two other bands were performing as well.., The KILJOYS, and BOMBA CHICA.....very awesome bands. BOHEMEO'S is hidden in Houstons East end, and it is worth the journey to seek this place out and enjoy the eclectic artsy style of it...a very hip place to hang out and enjoy art, music, coffee, even a beer and a meal. It was really an enjoyable night...a great place to ring in the new year....I am so glad we got to play there..., and cant wait to go back!! Gypsy~on!