Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Gift


~David Parker

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

THM presents......

I think the music thing in Buffalo is starting to catch on finally. Two weeks ago I did a solo concert at THM (The Horses Mouth) and the place was packed.....then last week, hosted open mic there, to yet another packed house!! The best open mic night ever, Laura,THM Barista, said. And then last night, Aiden Kross and Erin Nelson Watson, performed to a standing room only audience....The Horses Mouth Bookstore and Coffee Shop is gradually turning to a live music hot spot.........Im looking forward to this coming new year to see what it brings....the first open mic is set for Jan.21.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

from studio to stage....sort of.

Well.....its been a while since Ive been here, but a lot has been going on lately. I have been in the recording studio at Lou Productions, recording a CD. It was a blast, Luis is a hell of a guy to work with......I dont know who was more excited, him or me. I think we both had a large time.

We incorporated the aid of guitarist/bassist Aaron Folsom, and drummer Matt Gonzales to add to the instrumentation. The result, to me, was great. Im very pleased with the outcome.

The....this past Friday....after all of the independent work of packaging the finished product.......I did a solo concert at The Horses Mouth Coffee Shop in Buffalo, where the Cd's are now available.....the house was pretty was a great turn out.....I was very moved by how much support I have. Now I know....., what I was sceptical about before...., I WILL continue on with this endeavour. Find more gigs and play more....., and more.....and more.....and......well you get the picture.....its time to gypsy on for sure.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Roy Orbison - I Drove All Night

One of Rock'n'Rolls greatest.....Roy Orbison. He Passed away Dec. 6th 1988....but his one of a kind voice sings on.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Wow, I have so much to write about, but I need to space it out. I fell behind and I need to catch up.

I recently had the awesome oppertunity to spend time in a recording studio, courtesy of LOU PRODUCTIONS' Luis Peidra. We laid down 5 tracks for an EP that I plan on haveing ready for my solo acoustic performance at THM this coming Friday, Dec 10th. It was a real cool experiance...Lou is good at what he does. He had the product ready for me the next day, I am very pleased with it. Now he wants to do some more work to make it more better. Im all for that...he makes magic happen.

Just yesturday, (friday,dec3) I met a singer/songwriter, Heather Cathleen Cox, from the Austin area. We had a really cool "get to know" visit at THM. She is an amazing talented artist. Heather is such a down to earth person, I could have talked to her all afternoon. She really has alot going for her, she loves her craft. I cant say much more at this time because she is the topic of my newspaper column this coming stay will hear more soon.......

Friday, November 26, 2010

Passing of the axe

One of the coolest things happened to me the other day, and also one of the sadest.

A fellow musician and band mate as well as a true friend, closed the deal on the selling of his house. He has now moved away...on to better things. I told him since he was leaving, I was putting the band, GYPSYHEAD, into hibernation. I just dont feel like moving on with it at this time.....maybe bring it back to life next year. The Tornado is an awesome singer/songwriter, and great guitarist....Im going to miss playing with him. The thing he did that truely moved me was, before he left town, he found me outside the coffee shop and handed me one of his guitars and said, " here bro, play in good health." I was floored....totally unbelievable...all I could say was, "Thanks bro, thats the nicest thing anyones ever done for me."

That is a true friend...., not because he gave me the guitar....., but because that is what he is...a true friend. I will always remember the gigs we had together, the good ones and the not so good ones.....we made them all fun.

Here's to you Tornado!!!! GYPSY~ON BRO!!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


THE MOON...................


IT TAKES .......


TO THE SKY.....,




2 Nites of Music Food & Friends

Last week was a pretty good week for music and good times in my world.

Last Thursday night was the monthly open mic night that I host at The Horse's Mouth Coffee Shop/Bookstore. The Lost Boys dropped in to perform soom really great tunes...they are always a pleasure to hear. Darral Reeder joined in later suppling some bass guitar for us and sang Hotel California. Carl.....(brota forgive me, I cant remember your last name.)...grabbed up a spare guitar and joined in the jam. John Easterling, who is always an instramentil part of the open mic nights.., supplied the beats and humur of the night. It was a slim group and a small crowd, but all in all it was awesome. It was great to see Carla Leigh, from The OUTLAW 93.5 FM, in the audiance.....

Saturday evening, marked the 3rd year of Mac Shadix being editor of The Buffalo Press newspaper. So the was a party at THM, (lots of stuff happens at The Horse's Mouth).....the paper itself is 79 years old. It was a great time with great people and an awesome spread of food.....not to mention, great wine. I ended up grabbing up the guitar and playing a few that I was coaxed into doing that I really did'nt feel comfortable with in this setting.

The song......Little Red.....not a cleand bad words...just, naughty subject.....but I did it....and Joyce, ( the lady who wanted to hear it), said, " I never understood what you were saying when you sang it with your I know!!" Everyone had a good laugh, hopefully no one was too

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Meeting of old friends and some GYPSY/WATER

Last Saturday was the last gig for GYPSYHEAD for a while. We are going on hiatus for a bit to get things in order and become better at certain things.
I walked into this gig with one thing in rock the house and have fun. And I did just that....I think the entire band did. Old friends showed up from out of town....some I havent seen in about 2o years. 3/5's of the Push Water Band was there also.
We ripped through our set list like wild fire.....never debating anything...just rockin it. We had not gotten together to rehearse for this fact we hadnt even seen each other since our last gig, which was two weeks prier to this one. With that being said, I think we all fell into place as if we had played the night before. I loved it. Before the night was over, Randy Stevens and Danial York of Push Water joined in with us to jam till closing was a rollicking impromtu 10 minute version of our song called, Did I Say That "OUT LOUD". Im not going to priase the band, even tho we were the tightest we'd ever been, I just wanted to express how much fun it shoulda been illegal!!!!! Thanks to all who were there and all who played.....and thanks for everyones support!!!!! GYPSY~ON!!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Fear No Storm

I'm feeling a little poetic....I had an inspiration from RELICS OF MY MIND.

Fear No Storm

If the storms in the night...,
rain like tears,
Let the thunder and lightning....,
comfort your fears.

Embrace the moon and stars.....,
with a smile,
Stare into the darkness....and,
think of me for awhile.

~Dave Parker~

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Coffee Shops, Music Stores, and a Hot Car

As I was sitting in THM, my favorite coffee shop/bookstore/wifi spot,last Friday, The Nix family walked in. The next thing you know, everyone in the shop were treated to an impromptu concert by Josh and Jason Nix. ( Two acoustic guitars are always available to play for anyone willing at THM). It was a real enjoyable show, The whole family is very talented and have amazing voices. Just goes to show, you never know what will happen at The Horses Mouth.

The next day I set out on my way to Tommy's Music Store in Centerville,Tx., 15 miles south of Buffalo, where they were having their monthly Jam Session in the round. It was very cool...about 11 musicians were there , playing their hearts out to just a hand full of listeners. Classic country music, gospel, and , my favorite, the blues, were played. I truly enjoyed the jam..., plus I got to check out the custom guitars Tommy builds....very cool.

I left Tommy's Music with a big smile...., but, farther down the road, on my way home, my smile went away as my car informed me that it was too hot!! I pulled over and poured a jug of water into the radiater. Then headed home once again. Guess got hot again!!!! I called my step-daughter and asked her to bring more water, and she did. As I waited, I noticed that a belt had broken that was part of the cooling system....wonderful!!!!!! Well...long story short, Haylee showed up with two jugs of water, and I made it the rest of the way home....just as the car over heated yet is still sitting in the drive payment away from being paid off.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Two Years in The Horses Mouth

Two years ago this week, something opened in Buffalo,Texas, something that has sparked a freshness to the town, a sense of culture. A bookstore and coffee shop called THE HORSES MOUTH or THM as the regulars have come to call it.

Over the past two years it has became my regular hang out, sort of my second home if you will. Glenn and Laura St.John make everyone feel welcome and at home in there eclectic shop. They have brought awareness to the small town. Awareness to art, music, culture, and fun. They do everything in their power bring things that were otherwise unknown in Buffalo, to light. At one point they were having writers group meetings, art classes, and photography classes. They also have, game nights, such as , Trivial Pursuit, and Scrabble nights. And to add to the mix, they have open mic nights, so local musicians have their chance to shine.

When you walk in the door, most of the time you'll be greeted by Java, a long haired dachshund, the official THM greeter. And you'll always feel welcome. Enjoy Glenn's humor and tales of traveling the world, as Laura creates her famous latte art.

THE HORSES MOUTH, in my opinion, is one of the best things to happen to the small town of Buffalo, Texas. And, seeing as how they were awarded BUSSINESS OF THE YEAR the first year they were open, others must share my opinion.

So, if you are ever in the area, Buffalo, Texas is half way between Houston and Dallas, stop by. You wont regret it.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Gypsies, Horses,and a Rockin' Wedding

So, we loaded up our gear and headed out down the hiway, to a location we'd never been before...just a map in hand. After getting lost only once, our little gypsy caravan pulled on to the Maynard property, the location of the wedding in which our band,GYPSYHEAD, were to play. It was a beautiful place. My band mates were still unsure about this gig, "Are you sure about this Dave? They DO know we play rock'n'roll right?" As I told them, "we were requested by the BRIDE, so thats that."

There was a deck overlooking a large pond with floating candles, that was to be the dance floor and a stage...very cool set up. There was an electrical issue, but we got that taken care of.

Our friends from The Horses Mouth were there supply the guests with iced coffee, whom we shared a table with. Table 18, reserved for Gypsies and Horses. How cool is that.

After the food was served we finally got to take the stage....our doubts all soon disappeared because once we started playing.....they came to the dance floor....they danced at their tables....they danced by the pond.....we were accepted with cheers. It was awesome. They danced all night. We gave the bride and groom Gypsyhead t-shirts...they immediately put them on, over their wedding dress and suit. I loved it!!

We took a break as everyone watched the newlyweds drive off in their limo, beneath a huge fireworks display and a trail of sparklers showing the way into the night.

It was an awesome gig....we did our last set to a packed dance floor. It was a fantastic experience, even tho I was tired, I wasnt ready for it to end.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Sweet Misery-Hoyt Axton


Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Great Gig In The Rain

A fellow starving musician friend of mine came knocking on my door the other day with some rel good news. It seems that the band that was scheduled to play at a nearby venue had cancelled, and the owners wanted us...Greg and me, to do a show of our solo stuff..., and get PAID to boot. Well that was just the best news Id heard all day...I was very excited to say the least....Ive been playing in a band and we've had a few paying gigs, but this is to be my first, "solo" gig to get paid for. Things are starting to look up!!!

So at 830pm we get our gear set up and get tuned up.., then kick back to relax before things get started at 9pm. And then it happens....rain. Oh, did I forget to mention, the bar/bandstand is set up like a outside patio type thing...its really cool...most of the seating area is covered, and the bandstand is covered, but the section between the two, the dancing area, is not covered. So, as the rain slacked Greg did his set, and a great set it was...about 45 minutes later I took the stage, and flowed through some of my songs and covers......the rain would come and go. It was a great night...each of us doing our musical one point a few friends from a local band came up and did a few songs.....the rains came again. We had to keep moving stuff around because the wind was starting to blow and the rain was getting the stage wet.

I went back up to close the night out with one last set...,that's when it happened.....the thunder...the lightning.......I have a book on a stand with songs in it song I had written I'm still trying to memorize, was what I was singing....the wind started blowing hard....., all the pages started flipping in the book...I'd only gotten through the first!! So, not to be faltered, I just started adding verses from different songs I know....and it worked! And the lightning crashed...and the thunder rumbled...and the rains fell at a 45degree angle ...I was getting guitar was, at that point , I decided, with the encouragement of Greg, to end the show. It was a great show despite the storm.., in fact, to me, it just added to the excitement of the night.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Full Moon Gig!

They say a full moon effects people, makes them a little restless, a little wild and crazy....makes them act like they normally wouldn't. I think what it does is , brings out the true inner-self, the person inside that we try to hide away because we are afraid of what others may think.

I'm not one to worry about what people think, I've been a slight rebel all my life. So with the growing of the full moon each month, I just sit back and enjoy the ride....I love it, I do get a bit restless and I act on it, why not. Its fun, who cares what some up-tight person may think, let yourself you. If you want to go for a midnight swim in your birthday suit...hey, just do it. Because, you know, there will come a day when you will not be able to do spontaneous things, when you can't act on impulse. So just do it!! If you're worried someone may say, "I can not believe you did that?", well, you can always blame on the full moon.

So, speaking of the moon, and a little wildness. My band ,GYPSYHEAD, ( )

had a gig at a place called CRIS's TAVERN, a small ,but cool pub. I had a feeling when I first walked into this place....I thought to myself, "this looks like a fun place." There was a full moon out and it was a Thursday night....who goes out on Thursday nights?? The full moon people that's who....the restless ones looking to have a good time...not worried about the repercussions of the morning after. And thank God for them and thank God for the full moon!! The place was really rocking, and the people were really diggin' what the band was doing. With no regard to the dance floor, they were dancing , groovin', and grindin', all over the place. I loved every minute of it...I wanted to join them, since I had the full moon fever too, but I was limited to groovin' at the microphone with my guitar. But, at any rate, just seeing these folks having such a good time, heightened our performance as a band I think.

Tho we didn't make much money at the gig, (not even enough to pay our gas), it did not matter to me, its all about the party I feel we helped to create, the wildness we help people find within themselves, to let loose and be have fun. That, was pay enough for me that night!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

N0 eXCuSes

I haven't had much time to spend on my blog lately. I really don't have an excuse other than Lisa had a four day weekend and we spent a lot of time together. Ive also been practicing hard for a gig on Thursday, and one coming up on the 30th. Its great being able to do what I do, and I owe it all to Lisa's support.
The band has a gig at Cris's Tavern in Palestine Tx this Thursday night. They gave us the slot without even hearing us or seeing us perform...I think that is very cool of them. I only hope we make a good showing so we will be invited back again....and hope there is a big crowd....seeing as how we will be paid by a small percentage of the sales that night. LOL.
The one coming up on the 30th is a wedding, fellow musician Abigail Maynard ( ), ask us to play at her wedding.....I was honored. I am looking forward to this gig.....I'm also very nervous about it too...and I don't know why!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

R.I.P. Mark Stevens

Back in my High School days...the only thing that could get me awake in the mornings to go to school, was my clock radio going off at 6am....blasting THE STEVENS AND PRUITT SHOW!!! Those guys really got me primed for the day.

Today is a sad day in the radio half of this awesome duo has left us. Mark Stevens passed away in his sleep this morning. May he rest in peace!!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010


I was up late last night, knowing that I had to get up much earlier than usual this morning. But, being the night person that I am, I continued to delay my bedtime.
Why did I have to be up so early on a Saturday morning? The Jewett Fall Frolic was going on and the live music started at 930am....and I was part of the live entertainment. So any way, I finally drag Lisa to read (that helps me fall asleep)....after a few chapters, I look at the clock and its 3am. So, I put the book away and shut out the light....and tried to sleep. I think I finally feel asleep sometime between 3 and 7am, when the alarm woke me up.

Thank God THE HORSES MOUTH BOOKSTORE/COFFEE SHOP was open...Laura, the barista there, saved my life with a, beyond awesome, double espresso lattee .........I was ready to perform for sure. So at 915am, Lisa and I headed for frolic.

At the Frolic I met up with John, a top notch drummer, and we got a set of unrehearsed songs rolling to a greatly responsive crowd. We played for about an hour then Matt showed up. I took a break while he took the stage and did his thing..., which was an awesome thing. Matt really knows how to tell a story in song.

When Matt was done I went back for another 45 min. performance......during that slot...I heard a train blowing from down the tracks (which runs directly in front of this location, approx. 50 -75 yards from the stage), what a perfect time to break into a Johnny Cash classic. So it was ..Folsom Prison Blues..., as the train clattered by..., the people loved did I !!!

I had a great day at the event...frolicing, so to speak, with my guitar.

Friday, October 8, 2010


As time slowly crawls by, I think the clock is broken...

The silence echos in my head, no words spoken.

The night is getting darker, so time is moving forward...

Will the day do the same....,or will it just ..,remain.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Im just rambling here!!

It has been a rough time these last few days being sick and all. Lack of motivation to do anyhing productive because Ive just felt so bad. Its terrible, I hate being sick. I've been trying to prepare myself for a solo accustic spot at a local annual event, Jewett's Fall Frolic, this weekend. Its two days away and I havent been able to practice very much at all. But, it will all work always does.
Looking ahead to the near future....Im excited to say, The Horses Mouth Bookstore/Coffeeshop (Buffalo,Tx) , and I ,will start up Open Mic Nights again!!! Only difference is , now it will be on Thursday, once a month. We plan to do it Oct. 21.....come by if you can.
Also coming up on October 30, my band Gypsyhead will be providing the live entertainment for the wedding of fellow musician/performer, Abigail Maynard. That should be a whole lot of fun. I cant wait!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

guitar ride

The days are cooling off and the nights are even cooler.
I want to sling my guitar across my back, crawl on my harley, at take a ride into the wind.
I'll find a place with a sweet sunset, take out my guitar and let the music begin.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Music and Tattoos

Last night was a really cool night. Lisa and I went out on a much needed ....night out together.

We went out to a place about 2o miles up the road called, The Lone Star Grill and was open mic night...and I had my guitar. My buddy Greg Hall was hosting the show. And as always, he is a joy to hear. There were three brothers from Buffalo, Tx (where I live) that were just fantastic. The Thomason brothers...they are thinking about calling their band The Lost Boys. These guys will go far if they keep it up. Of course I had my turns on the stage..its funny to me, it doesnt matter how many times I perform, I still get a little stage fright at the start. But, I get over that real quick.

Meanwhile, our nineteen year old, was getting a tattoo done in B/CS. She sat for two and a half hours under the needle-gun....that girl is a tough one. She has been sore all day today...but the work is awesome...a cross with wings...across her back and shoulders.

Yes sir, last night was a real cool night and new tatoos.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Its a big moon night

I just love a full moon night. There are several songs that come to mind when I see a full moon....of course the first one that pops into my head is , Bad Moon Rising by CCR....then there is Werewolves of London by Waren Zevon....Hush by Deep Purple,(I guess because of the wolf howling on the intro), and then there is this one, by guitar wizard Joe Satriani....Big Bad Moon!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Where the Music Plays

Where the Music Plays

The Senior

Ok, most of my blogs have been pertaining to music...this one is gonna be a little different. Its about my other loves....Lisa and Haylee.

Haylee is finaly a senior this year and Im very proud of her. Last friday night was Buffalos Homecoming football game, and Haylees senior walk. I did'nt get to walk the field with her and Lisa, due an earlier commitment, and I felt really bad about it. But Haylee was understanding about the whole thing. She dont know it yet but it will all be made up to her some way or another. Lisa and wife and daughter...the two most importand ladies in my life.

Monday, September 20, 2010

WoW!!! What a weekend!!! Played a gig with the band in thge park friday night.....hung out afterwards to see the band Push Water . I was up bright and early satuday morning to take part in the Buffalo Stampede Parade, I rode on The Horses Mouth Book Store/Coffee Shop's float.....which won second place. I was at the park enjoying the festivities pretty much all day. Then it was time to get the band gear back together and set up for the second nights gig at the park. David Harness of the Corsicanna,Tx band, Dead End Allie, kick the night off with a real cool accustic solo set....followed by Brad Turner doing an improv guitar jam. We (Gypsyhead) took over at around 9pm. It was my second was a hot night and a small crowd...but it didnt bother me at all...,I'll play for 2 people the same as I'd play for 200. I had a great time doing something I truly enjoy. Sunday was a haze to me. I pretty much didnt leave the sofa.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


I woke up this morning (yeah, I actually got out of bed before noon!), to an awesome day. And not just awesome because its a sunny, beauty of a day, awesome because I woke up with the love of my life, the woman who supports me full on and forbids me to quit or give up . Shes my biggest fan who loves my music and everything I do. I love her with all my heart. So what Im saying is, this post is dedecated to her...,Lisa, my love, Thank you for everything, I love you Babe, lets rock n' roll!!!.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Im getting alot of nervouse energy built up. Restlessness and excitement. It has absolutly NOTHING to do with The Buffalo Stampede this weekend...(2 more days away)....or as I like to call it, 'The Big Gig in the park'. I love playing music, wether it be by myself or with the band...I just love to play......but it never fails...when its time to perform, no matter how many times Ive done it before or how many people are in the audience, I still get nervous. I cant help it. But I see it as a good thing.....that way I can always transfer that into energy and rise above the stage fright.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I am looking forward to some cooler weather, this heat is something else. Being in a band and playing sometimes outside, the heat can really get to you. I was apart of two out door music festavals this summer, (and one comming up this weekend), and it was tough. What I would like to do is have an outdoor concert in.., lets say... .,November...I think that would be ..., to speak.

Monday, September 13, 2010


In my quest to spread the word about local are a few locals from the Leon County,Texas and surrounding area to check out.........Greg Hall, fantastic guitarist and singer....The Dirt Road Band, excelent dance country band.....David Harness and Dead End Allie, very cool melodic rock band..........Push Water, top notch, drivin', Texas County,band.....Gypshead, head-bobbin', kick out the jams, type rock band. There is something for everyone around here when it comes to live music.......on Sept 17 and 18, The Buffalo Stampede in Harriman Park, Buffalo Texas, will have a free concert both nights, featuring, Gypsyhead, Push Water and Dead End Allie.....make it there if you can, it will be worth it to catch these up and coming talents.