Saturday, December 4, 2010

Wow, I have so much to write about, but I need to space it out. I fell behind and I need to catch up.

I recently had the awesome oppertunity to spend time in a recording studio, courtesy of LOU PRODUCTIONS' Luis Peidra. We laid down 5 tracks for an EP that I plan on haveing ready for my solo acoustic performance at THM this coming Friday, Dec 10th. It was a real cool experiance...Lou is good at what he does. He had the product ready for me the next day, I am very pleased with it. Now he wants to do some more work to make it more better. Im all for that...he makes magic happen.

Just yesturday, (friday,dec3) I met a singer/songwriter, Heather Cathleen Cox, from the Austin area. We had a really cool "get to know" visit at THM. She is an amazing talented artist. Heather is such a down to earth person, I could have talked to her all afternoon. She really has alot going for her, she loves her craft. I cant say much more at this time because she is the topic of my newspaper column this coming stay will hear more soon.......

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