Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Getting lost is a bad habit of mine. I don't mean like taking a trip and making a wrong turn somewhere and ending up in an unknown place kinda lost. I mean lost like....things I should be doing and over looking them kinda lost....because of so many other things going on in my head kinda lost......minor details lost in the shuffle, that really arent minor at all, kinda lost.
One such thing that has been lost in the shuffle is my writing....,my photography...,my drawing. Little things that have always soothed my soul....calmed my storm, so to speak.
I have been so caught up in promoting and booking my band that it has become an obsession. Trying to get original t-shirt designs put together...trying to find someone to print the the cd's we have just completed..., modifying the set lists for each gig so we dont sound redundent each time we play...,obsessing over the bands presentation at the shows...., getting more shows...., OY!!!!!!! ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!! I gotta take a step back and breath..., I feel like Im running in place.

This weekend February 25th.....we have a gig in Victoria Texas....I tryed like hell to make this gig happen for one reason......I once lived there many years ago, and made some great friends there. So, through thier encouragement, and leads to clubs to contact.., I landed us a gig. Its along way to travel to play for a few bucks.....but.....ill be playing for some great old friends who know how to have a good time. I think out of all the shows from the past....this one coming up means the most to me thus far in my Gypsyhead endevors. I want it to be a a great show for them to really enjoy.
Once this show is behind me......I plan to relax more.....yeah....fall into my writing and arts.....there is room for it all....I just have to learn how to shuffle it all make the perfect blend...a little less obsessing....and a little more....destressing.

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