Monday, September 13, 2010


In my quest to spread the word about local are a few locals from the Leon County,Texas and surrounding area to check out.........Greg Hall, fantastic guitarist and singer....The Dirt Road Band, excelent dance country band.....David Harness and Dead End Allie, very cool melodic rock band..........Push Water, top notch, drivin', Texas County,band.....Gypshead, head-bobbin', kick out the jams, type rock band. There is something for everyone around here when it comes to live music.......on Sept 17 and 18, The Buffalo Stampede in Harriman Park, Buffalo Texas, will have a free concert both nights, featuring, Gypsyhead, Push Water and Dead End Allie.....make it there if you can, it will be worth it to catch these up and coming talents.

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