Friday, September 24, 2010

Music and Tattoos

Last night was a really cool night. Lisa and I went out on a much needed ....night out together.

We went out to a place about 2o miles up the road called, The Lone Star Grill and was open mic night...and I had my guitar. My buddy Greg Hall was hosting the show. And as always, he is a joy to hear. There were three brothers from Buffalo, Tx (where I live) that were just fantastic. The Thomason brothers...they are thinking about calling their band The Lost Boys. These guys will go far if they keep it up. Of course I had my turns on the stage..its funny to me, it doesnt matter how many times I perform, I still get a little stage fright at the start. But, I get over that real quick.

Meanwhile, our nineteen year old, was getting a tattoo done in B/CS. She sat for two and a half hours under the needle-gun....that girl is a tough one. She has been sore all day today...but the work is awesome...a cross with wings...across her back and shoulders.

Yes sir, last night was a real cool night and new tatoos.

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