Tuesday, January 11, 2011


By David Parker

This week has found me feeling a bit numb. I realized over the weekend that, during all of the turmoil of this past weeks tragedy of losing a dear friend, I had not talked to any musicians, or been to see any perform, or anything of the sort. So now what do I do? Before, when I had trouble with my ideas, I called on my mentor, and she would set me on a path that would open my mind and the ideas would just flow from my fingertips. But now…, it’s a different story, she’s not here to call on. So, as I said before…, now what? Well then there now,…..lets just see where the spirit of music takes us.

It’s a new year….and a new song plays. So I’ve decided to incorporate some newness in this corner of the paper.
I have told you in the past about several local musicians, and some that are not so local. All different, but the thing they all had in common was love and passion of music. And believe me when I say, you truly have to love being a musician to do it, because surviving the art of starving is a hard passion. So many musicians go unnoticed for so long because they have no place to bring their talent to the public. They spend all their time honing their craft in their living rooms…, on their back porches..,or, in their showers, and still, no one is their to hear what they have done. Its time these talented people have their spot light. That light started shining a few years ago in Buffalo, thanks to the person I referred to earlier as my mentor. When Glenn and Laura St. John started having open mic nights at The Horses Mouth Bookstore/Coffee Shop, they opened the door for local talent to entertain, to be seen and heard. It has been growing with each new month, and it has been awesome. People have told me, they are so glad there is a place doing this, that they love being able to go enjoy live music of such diversity, in a smoke free and alcohol free environment. A place the entire family can go together and have a nice evening of music and entertainment.
Now I am sure most of you know about the passing of Laura, my mentor and dear friend (as she was to so many). And I am sure many of you have wondered what will become of The Horses Mouth. Well, rest assured, Laura’s dream will live on through Captain Glenn. The open mic nights will continue, since Laura was such a lover of music, and she gave me the job of music director at THM, but changed the title to “music man”, because, as she put it, “music director just sounds too stuffy!” I think from here on out the open mics will all be in memory of her….maybe titled, ‘THM Open Mic Night: Live For Laura’. What do you think?
So I ask you, please support the local music, go where you know it’s going to be. Listen close and let it take you away….to where the music plays.


  1. I think that is a wonderful title!! I love it! :)

  2. Very nice,very thoughtful, David!! So happy to hear y'all are going to continue Laura's dream. You are a true friend and Glenn needs you badly. I'm home most everyday. If y'all ever need help, just let me know. Blessings~~

  3. I think that is a wonderful idea!