Friday, October 22, 2010

Full Moon Gig!

They say a full moon effects people, makes them a little restless, a little wild and crazy....makes them act like they normally wouldn't. I think what it does is , brings out the true inner-self, the person inside that we try to hide away because we are afraid of what others may think.

I'm not one to worry about what people think, I've been a slight rebel all my life. So with the growing of the full moon each month, I just sit back and enjoy the ride....I love it, I do get a bit restless and I act on it, why not. Its fun, who cares what some up-tight person may think, let yourself you. If you want to go for a midnight swim in your birthday suit...hey, just do it. Because, you know, there will come a day when you will not be able to do spontaneous things, when you can't act on impulse. So just do it!! If you're worried someone may say, "I can not believe you did that?", well, you can always blame on the full moon.

So, speaking of the moon, and a little wildness. My band ,GYPSYHEAD, ( )

had a gig at a place called CRIS's TAVERN, a small ,but cool pub. I had a feeling when I first walked into this place....I thought to myself, "this looks like a fun place." There was a full moon out and it was a Thursday night....who goes out on Thursday nights?? The full moon people that's who....the restless ones looking to have a good time...not worried about the repercussions of the morning after. And thank God for them and thank God for the full moon!! The place was really rocking, and the people were really diggin' what the band was doing. With no regard to the dance floor, they were dancing , groovin', and grindin', all over the place. I loved every minute of it...I wanted to join them, since I had the full moon fever too, but I was limited to groovin' at the microphone with my guitar. But, at any rate, just seeing these folks having such a good time, heightened our performance as a band I think.

Tho we didn't make much money at the gig, (not even enough to pay our gas), it did not matter to me, its all about the party I feel we helped to create, the wildness we help people find within themselves, to let loose and be have fun. That, was pay enough for me that night!

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  1. I love the moon. I used to paint one into all my pictures when I did some oil painting. I think because I feel like a lunatic sometimes.