Saturday, October 9, 2010


I was up late last night, knowing that I had to get up much earlier than usual this morning. But, being the night person that I am, I continued to delay my bedtime.
Why did I have to be up so early on a Saturday morning? The Jewett Fall Frolic was going on and the live music started at 930am....and I was part of the live entertainment. So any way, I finally drag Lisa to read (that helps me fall asleep)....after a few chapters, I look at the clock and its 3am. So, I put the book away and shut out the light....and tried to sleep. I think I finally feel asleep sometime between 3 and 7am, when the alarm woke me up.

Thank God THE HORSES MOUTH BOOKSTORE/COFFEE SHOP was open...Laura, the barista there, saved my life with a, beyond awesome, double espresso lattee .........I was ready to perform for sure. So at 915am, Lisa and I headed for frolic.

At the Frolic I met up with John, a top notch drummer, and we got a set of unrehearsed songs rolling to a greatly responsive crowd. We played for about an hour then Matt showed up. I took a break while he took the stage and did his thing..., which was an awesome thing. Matt really knows how to tell a story in song.

When Matt was done I went back for another 45 min. performance......during that slot...I heard a train blowing from down the tracks (which runs directly in front of this location, approx. 50 -75 yards from the stage), what a perfect time to break into a Johnny Cash classic. So it was ..Folsom Prison Blues..., as the train clattered by..., the people loved did I !!!

I had a great day at the event...frolicing, so to speak, with my guitar.

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