Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Im just rambling here!!

It has been a rough time these last few days being sick and all. Lack of motivation to do anyhing productive because Ive just felt so bad. Its terrible, I hate being sick. I've been trying to prepare myself for a solo accustic spot at a local annual event, Jewett's Fall Frolic, this weekend. Its two days away and I havent been able to practice very much at all. But, it will all work always does.
Looking ahead to the near future....Im excited to say, The Horses Mouth Bookstore/Coffeeshop (Buffalo,Tx) , and I ,will start up Open Mic Nights again!!! Only difference is , now it will be on Thursday, once a month. We plan to do it Oct. 21.....come by if you can.
Also coming up on October 30, my band Gypsyhead will be providing the live entertainment for the wedding of fellow musician/performer, Abigail Maynard. That should be a whole lot of fun. I cant wait!!


  1. Due to GYPSYHEAD scheduling a gig on the 21st THM has rescheduled OPEN MIC NIGHT for the 14th. Come on y'all! It's gonna be awesome...and FREE!