Tuesday, November 23, 2010

2 Nites of Music Food & Friends

Last week was a pretty good week for music and good times in my world.

Last Thursday night was the monthly open mic night that I host at The Horse's Mouth Coffee Shop/Bookstore. The Lost Boys dropped in to perform soom really great tunes...they are always a pleasure to hear. Darral Reeder joined in later suppling some bass guitar for us and sang Hotel California. Carl.....(brota forgive me, I cant remember your last name.)...grabbed up a spare guitar and joined in the jam. John Easterling, who is always an instramentil part of the open mic nights.., supplied the beats and humur of the night. It was a slim group and a small crowd, but all in all it was awesome. It was great to see Carla Leigh, from The OUTLAW 93.5 FM, in the audiance.....

Saturday evening, marked the 3rd year of Mac Shadix being editor of The Buffalo Press newspaper. So the was a party at THM, (lots of stuff happens at The Horse's Mouth).....the paper itself is 79 years old. It was a great time with great people and an awesome spread of food.....not to mention, great wine. I ended up grabbing up the guitar and playing a few songs....one that I was coaxed into doing that I really did'nt feel comfortable with in this setting.

The song......Little Red.....not a cleand song....no bad words...just, naughty subject.....but I did it....and Joyce, ( the lady who wanted to hear it), said, " I never understood what you were saying when you sang it with your band.......now I know!!" Everyone had a good laugh, hopefully no one was too offended...lol.

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