Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Meeting of old friends and some GYPSY/WATER

Last Saturday was the last gig for GYPSYHEAD for a while. We are going on hiatus for a bit to get things in order and become better at certain things.
I walked into this gig with one thing in mind........to rock the house and have fun. And I did just that....I think the entire band did. Old friends showed up from out of town....some I havent seen in about 2o years. 3/5's of the Push Water Band was there also.
We ripped through our set list like wild fire.....never debating anything...just rockin it. We had not gotten together to rehearse for this gig....in fact we hadnt even seen each other since our last gig, which was two weeks prier to this one. With that being said, I think we all fell into place as if we had played the night before. I loved it. Before the night was over, Randy Stevens and Danial York of Push Water joined in with us to jam till closing time.......it was a rollicking impromtu 10 minute version of our song called, Did I Say That "OUT LOUD". Im not going to priase the band, even tho we were the tightest we'd ever been, I just wanted to express how much fun it was......it shoulda been illegal!!!!! Thanks to all who were there and all who played.....and thanks for everyones support!!!!! GYPSY~ON!!!!

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