Sunday, November 7, 2010

Coffee Shops, Music Stores, and a Hot Car

As I was sitting in THM, my favorite coffee shop/bookstore/wifi spot,last Friday, The Nix family walked in. The next thing you know, everyone in the shop were treated to an impromptu concert by Josh and Jason Nix. ( Two acoustic guitars are always available to play for anyone willing at THM). It was a real enjoyable show, The whole family is very talented and have amazing voices. Just goes to show, you never know what will happen at The Horses Mouth.

The next day I set out on my way to Tommy's Music Store in Centerville,Tx., 15 miles south of Buffalo, where they were having their monthly Jam Session in the round. It was very cool...about 11 musicians were there , playing their hearts out to just a hand full of listeners. Classic country music, gospel, and , my favorite, the blues, were played. I truly enjoyed the jam..., plus I got to check out the custom guitars Tommy builds....very cool.

I left Tommy's Music with a big smile...., but, farther down the road, on my way home, my smile went away as my car informed me that it was too hot!! I pulled over and poured a jug of water into the radiater. Then headed home once again. Guess got hot again!!!! I called my step-daughter and asked her to bring more water, and she did. As I waited, I noticed that a belt had broken that was part of the cooling system....wonderful!!!!!! Well...long story short, Haylee showed up with two jugs of water, and I made it the rest of the way home....just as the car over heated yet is still sitting in the drive payment away from being paid off.

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