Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Gypsies, Horses,and a Rockin' Wedding

So, we loaded up our gear and headed out down the hiway, to a location we'd never been before...just a map in hand. After getting lost only once, our little gypsy caravan pulled on to the Maynard property, the location of the wedding in which our band,GYPSYHEAD, were to play. It was a beautiful place. My band mates were still unsure about this gig, "Are you sure about this Dave? They DO know we play rock'n'roll right?" As I told them, "we were requested by the BRIDE, so thats that."

There was a deck overlooking a large pond with floating candles, that was to be the dance floor and a stage...very cool set up. There was an electrical issue, but we got that taken care of.

Our friends from The Horses Mouth were there supply the guests with iced coffee, whom we shared a table with. Table 18, reserved for Gypsies and Horses. How cool is that.

After the food was served we finally got to take the stage....our doubts all soon disappeared because once we started playing.....they came to the dance floor....they danced at their tables....they danced by the pond.....we were accepted with cheers. It was awesome. They danced all night. We gave the bride and groom Gypsyhead t-shirts...they immediately put them on, over their wedding dress and suit. I loved it!!

We took a break as everyone watched the newlyweds drive off in their limo, beneath a huge fireworks display and a trail of sparklers showing the way into the night.

It was an awesome gig....we did our last set to a packed dance floor. It was a fantastic experience, even tho I was tired, I wasnt ready for it to end.


  1. The Horse's Mouth here...yes, Dave it was a big question mark until your first chord...then the magic (after the magic of the beautiful wedding ceremony itself)began. We were all happy to see the folks take to the dance floor. They obviously LOVED the music as they DANCED FOR HOURS. (Partially fueled by THM COFFEE! LOL!) When I saw the table assignment for #18 Gyspys and Horses, I think our bond as family was cemented. What better combination than great music and great coffee....(with a few good reads slapped in between!) Good job Gypsyhead....love your blog, Dave...keep up the awesome work.

  2. Thanks guys, thanks for all the support you've given me, as well as the band!!

  3. That is really cool! Thanks for your comments on my blog, I appreciate that you like my work! Stephanie

  4. I also listened to your music and I LOVE IT! Full of energy it is, as if you were standing in the same room as I was. Great Sound!